NDT Equipment


△ Radiographic Test(RT)

Radiographic test is a method that detects discontinuity within alloy or other materials using radiation energy and films.

△ Ultrasonic Test(UT)

Ultrasonic test is a non-destructive testing method that sends high frequency sound wave into the test material to detect flaws on the surface and its inside.

△ Magnetic particle Test(MT)

Magnetic particle test is a method that inspects the size, location, and shape of the discontinuity in the surface and subsurface welding and by observing the shape of magnetic particles that has been formed by magnetic field after introducing magnetic field to the test material and applying magnetic particles.

△ Liquid Penetrant Test(PT)

Liquid Penetrant test is a non-destructive testing method that detects the location, size, and formation of discontinuity by applying liquid penetrant on the surface of the test material and removing any surplus liquid from the surface and suctioning liquid residing in the discontinuity after applying a developer on top of the material after enough time has elapsed.

△ Leak Testing(LT)

Leak testing is a method that inspects the location and quantity of the leak by detecting variance in fluid stream that results from difference in pressure on the inside and outside of physically penetrated holes or cracks on the pressure perimeter. It is very useful in testing final product reliability.

△ Electrical Currents Test(ECT)

Electrical currents are generated in a conductive material by an induced alternating magnetic field. The electrical currents are called eddy currents because they flow in circles at and just below the surface of the material. Interruptions in the flow of eddy currents, caused by imperfections, dimensional changes or changes in the material's conductive and permeability properties, can be detected with the proper equipment.