Quality Policy

Kumga Co., Ltd. carries on the innovative quality management activity based on the technical power and the quality, and by all staffs’ brisking of the company culture which constantly participates in continuos improvement and innovation through all staff’s whole quality management activity, determines the pursuit of “Increase of Client’s satisfaction based on quality” as the companies’ basic principle.

Standing on the basis of this basic principle, KumGa establishes and manages the appropriate quality management system on the companies’ business purpose, and for this, all staffs observe the following issues, and then by providing the constant quality planning , the practice & improvement activity and the highest quality construction service, realize the Quality-First policy satisfying clients and positively accommodating desire of the society.

One, Client Impression

Not only satisfying client but also impressing client is our companies’ absolute aim to pursue, and all the executive and personnel should be aware that achieving this aim is our companies’ growth and basis.

One, Quality Management

Quality management is completed by establishing, practing and sincerely improving of the quality management system ,and practicing, maintaining & improving of the quality management system, and since company’s aim is accomplished through this, the executive and personnel observe the duty provided for the quality management system.

One, Safety and Environment Management

All the executive and personnel , through autonomous observance of the national & international agreement for zero-disaster & zero-accident and of the safety and environmental regulations and thorough the construction management improvement, by managing to maintain the constant safety and the environmental management, should contribute to the society with managing the safety and the environment where human and nature be harmonized with.