Introduction for NDT


◎ Inspection

△ Service Detail

*Interpretation of specification and standards *Advice on quality control methods *Determination of inspection and test procedures *Arrangement of work schedules *Welder qualification test *Welding procedure qualification test *Steel structure fabrication inspection *Painting and coating inspection *Piping inspection *Mechanical equipment and facilities inspection *Electrical and instrumentation facilities inspection *Pre-commissioning inspection

△ Inspection

- Identification & testing of material - Welding inspections - Dimensional and visual inspections - Non-destructive examination - Assembly inspection - Function and operating testing - Pressure and load testing - Coating or painting inspection - Non-conformance control - Associated work

△ Evaluation

- Reports
- Analysis of inspection and test results
- Advice on improvements

△ Plant and facilities covered

- Steel and iron works - Refinery and petrochemical plants - Power plants (nuclear, thermal, hydraulic) - Storage facilities (oil, gas) - Environment facilities (incineration, water treatment) - Steel structures - Oil production facilities - Gas production facilities - G.O.S.P. (Gas and oil separation plants) - F.P.S.O. (Floating production storage and offloading vessel) - Drilling rigs - Other industrial & offshore facilities (e.g., platforms)

◎ Supervision

△ Service Detail

*Review of specifications and drawings *Review of general, special, and associated specifications *Review of fabrication and quality assurance programs *Review of welder qualification and control procedures *Review of welding and welding control procedures *Review of N.D.E. Personnel qualification and control procedures *Welder qualification tests *Welding procedure qualification tests *Review of N.D.E. procedures and maps *Shop inspections in progress *Progress control *Erection inspections *Supervision for civil work related to the equipment installed. *Supervision for piping work (under and above ground) *Supervision for surveying (location and elevation) *Supervision for structure fabrication *Supervision for tank fabrication *Supervision for installing equipment *Supervision for installing rotating equipment *Supervision for installing boiler and furnace *Supervision for electrical and instrumentation work *Supervision for welding and N.D.E. *Supervision for painting and insulation *Supervision for Field tests *Supervision for Safety controls *Non-conformance controls

△ Plant and facilities covered

- Steel bridges (suspension, truss arch etc.) - Refinery and petrochemical plants - Power plants (nuclear, thermal, hydraulic) - Storage facilities (oil, gas) - Oil transmission lines and facilities - Environment plants (incineration, water treatment) - Building facilities (office, commerce, dwellings) - Social Infrastructure facilities - Other industrial plants, including electrical facilities